Best Email Marketing Tools For Businesses in 2020

Email marketing services have shown quite a high growth trend in the last decade. Email these days have proven to be the backbone to connect with the world. They say email is one of the most effective marketing channels since it has a personal feel to it.


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For any email marketing campaign, it’s important to have a high delivery rate. The high delivery rate can maximize open rate and hence click-through rates as well. There are a lot of factors that can reduce your delivery rate. One of which is not verifying or cleaning your email list.

Mail Sigma lets you verify, clean your list at dirt cheap rates to ensure your email campaign runs without hassle.

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Our Handpicked Best Email Marketing Tools for 2020

We know that it’s quite a difficult task when it comes to choosing the right email marketing tool that can create a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign.

So, for your convenience, we are here to review the best five email marketing tools you could use to automate your email marketing tasks:


Litmus Email Marketing Tool

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Many other marketing agencies have told you that they use Litmus to handle email marketing for their clients. But what actually the Litmus email marketing tool does?

It’s a very highly versatile tool used to test and track the emails using traditional web clients and also works on Windows, Android and Apple devices. Using Litmus for rendering tests and optimizing your creativity on any given device would help you to test more than 40 clients and devices just with a mere click, as it generates a test email to an address so you can send it to your ESP. Within minutes of clicking, you will see the desired browsers, ISPs, and devices.

To streamline your link testing, simply put your email through a landing page test and within minutes you will get an overlay of that email with complete results for every link. The ESP tracking report that Litmus provides directly inserts a tracking pixel in your email so you get subscriber data such as how and where the email was opened, how much time the user spent time reading it and if it was organically forwarded or printed or whatever happened with your email.


  • The Free Plan is for 7 days trial.
  • The Basic Plan for $ 99 per month that allows only one user.
  • The Plus Plan for $ 199 per month that allows up to five users.
  • The Enterprise Plan which has various per month plan as per your customization.

Mail Chimp

MailChimp Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

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Mail Chimp is another one of the most popular email marketing tools a marketing service provider recommends because this is the only email marketing tool that offers a forever free email marketing service plan.

It has a much easier interface when it comes to email builder, autoresponders, segmenting contacts into groups and simple tracking for any type of email analytics.

Further, this email marketing tool also allows you to set up delivery times based on user’s time zones because the users can be from anywhere around the globe and thus you need to set-up segmenting based on geolocation. If you are specifically using WordPress, Magento or Shopify as your website’s platforms, you can easily integrate MailChimp with it.

Additionally, for your convenience, the MailChimp support is offered by email, live chat, and a large tutorial knowledge-base. As it offers a forever free plan, it allows you to send 12,000 emails for up to 2,000 subscribers. MailChimp helps you to send out surveys giving you a great opportunity for subscribers to vote on the best icon for your app along with the dashboard that is clearly understood to import lists, create and send campaigns and also proceed to build your audience.


  • The Free Forever Plan that offers a free subscription for 2,000 subscribers or 10,000 emails per month.
  • The Essentials Plan for $ 9.99 per month that offers a free subscription for 50,000 subscribers or 500,000 emails per month.
  • The Standard Plan for $ 14.99 per month that offers a free subscription for 100,000 subscribers or 1.2 Million emails per month.
  • The Premium Plan for $ 299.99 per month that offers a free subscription for 200,000 plus subscribers or 3 Million emails per month.

Target Hero

Email Marketing Tool ActiveTrial

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Target Hero is the feature-packed email marketing tool that already favors around ten thousands of users around the globe.

It offers amazing features such as dozens of specifically designed and ready to use templates; 100% mobile-friendly tool; gives you extremely high deliverability rates; has a high landing-page builder; allows you to perform surveys and SMS campaigns; gives you marketing automation tools such as autoresponders, triggers and A/B testing; has pre-fabricated lead forms and signup popups; the generated reports are based on real-time and are easy to read; the technical support and customer service is accessible via phone, chat or email.

Further, it has a prominent editor, image hosting and HTML as well as plain text emails, making it ideal for businesses that require a wide spectrum of features to run their marketing campaigns. It requires an account verification when you sign-up and is completed via an SMS authentication process.


  • The Free Plan that gives you 1,000 contacts with unlimited emails.
  • The Mini Hero Plan for $ 9.90 per month for up to 3,000 contacts.
  • The Hero Plan for $ 19.90 per month that gives you as many as 5,000 contacts.
  • The Super Hero Plan for $ 39.90 per month for up to 10,000 contacts.

Reach Mail

Email Marketing App

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Reach Mail is one of the best email marketing tools that give you all the features you could ask for when you think of using an email marketing tool.

It features Multiple Brand Support that helps to represent multiple companies with ease and gives you the ability to send on behalf of multiple companies from one account with also allowing you to verify multiple sending addresses. The advanced HTML Editor it offers allows you to import HTML given to you or crafted by your team and easily modify the same.

It has a Message Testing feature to see a direct performance metrics comparison of as many as five individual email campaigns and also takes into account different subject lines or content within each email, so you can optimize the subject line wording or determine how any given email performs in contrast to others.

Further, the Reach Mail gives you additional features of Email Creation; A/B Testing; Flexible Brand or User Support; Full Fledged API; Auto Responders; Email Deliverability; Custom Designed Templates; List Cleaning; List Imports; White Label; Open and Link Tracking; and many more.


  • The Free Plan that gives you 5,000 contacts and 15,000 emails.
  • The Bronze Plan for $ 10 per month that gives you 7,500 contacts and 30,000 emails.
  • The Silver Plan for $ 40 per month that gives you 10,000 contacts and 70,000 emails.
  • The Gold Plan for $ 70 per month that gives you 25,000 contacts and 120,000 emails.


Drip Email App

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Drip is yet another powerful email marketing tool for any eCommerce, bloggers and digital marketers as it offers a wide range of tools to make marketing automation and personalization easy.

Drip helps you to analyze and optimize all the data easily and quickly see which workflows, campaigns, and broadcast emails are making an impact with the customers with clear-cut eCommerce CRM dashboards. It also offers seamless integration for all popular website builders mainly WordPress and Shopify that allows you to easily add sign up forms to your website and capture more leads. It has an intelligent marketing automation tools, smarter email segmenting, list groups and a visual workflow builder that makes the marketing tool to stand out.

The features of Drip allow you to reach targeted customers in your email list to get more sales as the support options of Drip include live chat, webinars, automation training, detailed courses, free guides, and excellent documentation.

Further, Drip is a versatile email marketing platform that encompasses many useful features, like message personalization, integration with e-commerce platforms, comprehensive data analytics, build trust and loyalty from the inbox and much more.


  • The Free Plan that accommodates up to 100 subscribers.
  • The Basic Plan for $ 49 per month that accommodates up to 2,500 subscribers.
  • The Pro Plan for $ 122 per month that accommodates up to 5,000 subscribers.
  • The Enterprise Plan has varied per month plans that accommodate several subscribers over this limit.

Other Awesome Email Marketing Tools Worth Checking Out

Cake Mail

Features: A/B testing; Google Integration; Sending out emails is a seamless process; Twenty default templates with customizable options; Advanced editing option; Uses Google Analytics to give detailed reports; etc.


  • The Free Starter Plan that allows 500 contacts along with 500 emails.
  • The Basic Plan starts with $ 8 per month that can be customized.

Mad Mimi

Features: Create professional-grade emails; Choose from 39 social networking buttons; Customize your emails to add links; Detailed reporting Is integrated with Google Analytics; etc.


  • The Basic Individual Plan for $ 10 per month accommodates 500 contacts.
  • The Pro Best Value Plan for $ 42 per month accommodates 10,000 contacts.
  • The Silver Business Plan for $ 199 per month accommodates 50,000 contacts.
  • The Gold BIG Business Plan for $ 1,049 per month that accommodates 350,000 contacts.

Constant Contact

Features: Manage email lists, contacts, email templates, marketing calendar; Tracking and reporting; Built-in social media sharing tools; Free image library; List segmentation; Facebook ads integration; Powerful eCommerce integration; etc.


  • The Lite Plan starting at $ 5 per month that allows you to send 10,000 emails every month.
  • The Email Plan starting at $ 20 per month that allows you to send an unlimited email every month.
  • The Email Plus Plan starting at $ 45 per month that allows you to get powerful features to grow your business.

Why choose email marketing?

Seeing the recent trends, it can be concluded that email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for any size business. It always guarantees a minimum of 200 percent return on investment for any business.

Many successful businesses have been using email marketing strategies for long and this is because it is easy to manage, allows you to establish direct contact with people interested in your products or services and gives you the entire marketing control.

Why businesses should prefer email marketing?

More effective than social media for customer acquisition – because when it comes to converting visitors into members, customers or supporters, email marketing is the best way to get them.

Economic and Cost Effective – because email marketing allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers at nearly zero cost.

Personal and Customization – with email marketing, you can segment your customers into groups and send them personalized emails as per their role and taste.

Action-Oriented – Emails provide a reply option with which you can directly contact your customers. Your emails can also contain a call to action to promote your links. This helps in driving traffic to your website.

Measurable – because when you use any email marketing software, you can easily keep a track on who opened your email, which links were clicked and also how many people unsubscribed it.

Mobile devices allow people to check their email constantly – because people tend to check their emails constantly in the email app available on their handy mobile devices at any time and also anywhere, which is well-designed to convert marketing emails very well on mobile devices.

It helps you keep in contact with your audience and core customers – about what’s going on with your business, what’s new with you, new promotions, etc.

It is one of the easiest types of online marketing to measure in terms of its performance and results – as this would provide the e-commerce operator with an enormously valuable tool for obtaining nearly real-time data on their conversion rates, click-through rates, subscribe and unsubscribe rates.

What to look for in an awesome email marketing tool?

That it should help you to enable you to create highly engaging email newsletters with an easy user interface along with features of easily sending bulk emails that can be personalized and targeted without much work.

Further, it should make it easy to manage your contacts, segment users into groups and track the performance of your email marketing campaigns. Apart from that, an awesome email marketing tool should ensure that your emails do not end up in the spam folder as spam folder emails are usually ignored.


We know that there are dozens of email marketing tools available out there, but before you pick one, make sure you know everything about your chosen marketing tool. Remember that, as long as you are using it in the right manner, email is still one of the most valuable and targeted channels for reaching your audience and grow your business.

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