how to clean your email list

How to Clean an Email List Without Loosing Conversions

We already know that it’s quite difficult and challenging to grow your email list but why now to clean the same? Proactive email list cleaning is an essential part of any successful email marketing strategy because by the time you discover that you have an issue with email hygiene it is generally too late as you have already wasted resources

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10 Reasons: Why You Should Clean Your Email List?

Cleaning up your email list proactively is an essential step for your email marketing strategy. Not only it helps you reach real people to effectively target your brand market but it reduces the cost of your email marketing campaign as all unproductiveor unwanted emails have been cleaned from your list. In short, the aim of list cleaning is to reach

hard bounce soft bounce

Hard Bounce vs Soft Bounce

What is an email bounce? What information does the bounced message give: Time & date it bounced Mail Server that bounced it RFC code & reason for bounce(5XX for Hard bounce & 4XX for Soft bounce) There are two types of bounces: 1. Hard Bounce(Permanent Bounce)2. Soft Bounce(Temporary Bounce) Let me quickly tell you the difference & reasons for such