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With MailSigma, You can...

  1. Eliminate hard bounce
  2. Reduce complaints
  3. Protect against fraud
  4. Increase deliverability
  5. Better Inboxing
  6. Boost in open rates
  7. Increase ROI

Lowest Price Guaranteed

EMAIL COST 100,000


Free Scrubbing

Remove duplicate emails & bad syntax at no cost, prior to cleaning

Disposable Email Checker

Identify & remove temporary email accounts.

Abuse Email Checker

Remove emails that have a tendency to mark emails as spam.

Spam Trap Checker

Removes many spam traps that might exist in your email address lists.

Remove Hard Bounce

Removes hard bounce up to 99%.

MX Record Verification

Verifies whether an email is genuine or fake.

Domain Check

Domains are checked for current live status including invalid / inactive / parked domains.

Enhanced Deliverability & Inboxing

Achieve enhanced deliverability & better inboxing with your clean list.

Overview Report

Get a bigger picture of how your data looks like.

Reach real customers uncompromised every time!

How MailSigma Works?

(Bulk Email List Verification)

With MailSigma, you can clean any sized list in three simple steps:

  •   Choose your plan
  •   Upload your existing list.
  •   Download your new, clean list.

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What’s Included?

Free Testing

Are you a new user? Request a free test through our contact form To run a sample list. (No credit card required)

Free Deduplication

Remove duplicate emails & bad syntax at no cost.

Why MailSigma?

Higher Accuracy

Up to 98% Accuracy

Lowest Pricing Guaranteed

Plans start from $3 for 1000 emails

Bulk Cleaning

3 simple steps for any sized email list

Data Privacy​

Your data is our responsibility

100% Customer Satisfaction

Dedicated team for customer satisfaction

Awesome Support

Personalized support by real people on email & live chat

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Higher Accuracy, Lowest Pricing & 100% Customer Satisfaction makes MailSigma ahead of it's competitors.

    We are dedicated to provide most accurate results at lowest price so that our customers can reach real people everytime without fail. Test our service to see the results. Contact us for Free trial!

  • It's a simple 3 step process.Just select your plan, upload your email list & download the cleaned list(notified by an email).

    You are supported at each step of the process by our expert team.

  • Depends upon your list size & the types of emails in your list. Generally,it takes up to 24 hours. However, for any urgent requirements, you can contact us. We will try our best to match your time.

  • Upload your email list in either csv or excel spreadsheet. We will deliver you the cleaned list straight to your inbox.

  • After you sign up for free trial, you can clean your list(upto 100 emails) & see the results by yourself.

    We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with MailSigma before you buy the product.

  • Your data will NEVER be used or shared with anyone for any purpose.Data security is our utmost prioriy & we take it seriously.

    We take all necessary steps to ensure your data security.

  • We accept all debit & credit cards, Paypal. All of our payments follow USD pricing.

    We take all necessary steps to ensure your data security.

  • At present, we only offer pay as you go plans with bulk credits that never expire. You can buy more credits anytime which will be added to the remaining credits. No contracts, no monthly commitments.

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